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  1. Why should I become a member?

  2. I'm already on 1stDibs. Why should I consider joining?

  3. What do you offer that 1stDibs does not offer?

  4. Why shouldn't I wait until your site proves itself?

  5. How many other dealers do you have in my city?

  6. What experience do you have that will help insure success with this site?

  7. How much does it cost?

  8. How much effort does it take on my part to be part of this?

  9. How do I get started?

Why become a member? Quality multi-dealer sites from the antiques buyers' perspectives are exercises in efficiency.  People will always use a site that helps them "visit" many dealers in a single site.  They take the path of least resistance.

When people see your name come up every place they go, your credibility and value as a resource increases.  The more exposure you get the better.

You own site's ranking is partly determined by how many other sites link to you.                  [TOP]

I'm on 1stDibs. Why should I consider joining? We complement the exposure you get from 1stDibs.  Few dealers, list 100% of their inventory on 1stDibs.  The significant price point differential between us and 1stDibs will tend to result in your higher priced items being listed on 1stDibs to justify their cost.   DesignerDiggs's lower fees makes more economic sense to list more items in the mid to lower range.

Also, because our membership fee is a fraction of theirs, you can justify posting more images for even more exposure. 

Having another player in a market is always a good idea from a customer's perspective.                 [TOP]

What do you offer that 1stDibs does not offer?
  1. First and foremost, we offer an additional set of eyeballs for your inventory.  While there will be some intersection, there is also new exposure.  Our site viewers include thousands of designers, dealers and sophisticated consumers we have databased over the last 10 years.  (See About Us for more details.)
  2. We have implemented an interactive feature where your inventory can be seen juxtaposed against various colored backgrounds.  This seemingly trivial feature is important because it results in a prospect playing around with your inventory for a little longer thinking harder about how it might work in their room / project.
  3. Our focus is primarily on promoting antiques dealers' pieces while 1stDibs incorporates at lot of modern and jewelry etc. 
  4. A low cost solution.                 [TOP]
Why shouldn't I wait until your site proves itself? It is the first dealers that join that reap the greatest benefits.  As sites grow larger and larger in terms of numbers of dealers and number of inventory items, there is a dilution effect that results in lowering the value of membership over time.  Those first dealers gain a lot of attention in the early stages and the resulting bonds they form with clients can last for years. 

The cost is minimal, there is no contract so your risk is low and potential reward is high.

The cost of membership will go up soon after the launch.  Our special launch pricing is designed to help those who help us launch the site.  We need inventory, you need inexpensive exposure.  Let's work together and make it happen.                 [TOP]

How many other dealers do you have in my city? From your perspective, I would think that the fewer the better.  If you are the only dealer and therefore get 100% of the attention of thousands of designers and consumers, that bodes well for you.  DesignerDiggs (unlike our localized sites) has a global audience versus a very narrow local one.  It is designed to promote your select pieces and to drive traffic to your site.

The question of how many dealers becomes more valid over time as more and more dealers join and the resulting effect is a dilution of exposure for any given dealer.  However, since this is a launch of a new site, the first responders will derive the greatest benefit.  We as a company will need to address the longer term "dilution" effect to keep our dealers loyal - at some point down the road, either by limiting participation or reducing prices.                  [TOP]

What is your experience in working in the antiques market? See About us.                 [TOP]
How much does it cost? We have an aggressive introductory pricing scheme.  If you help us launch the site by contributing inventory, we will lock in your monthly membership fee at $25 / month for as long as you are a member in good standing (current with payments and adhering to our guidelines).  In addition to the monthly membership, there is a one-time charge of $3.00 / image (for photoshoping, i.e. image prep.) and a $1.00 / month / image hosting fee. 

Therefore you can set you budget as your situation dictates.  You can also discontinue at anytime with 30 days notice.  You have an up-to-date administrative window that tracks your monthly costs.                  [TOP]

How much effort does it take on my part to be part of this? We understand that minimizing your effort is key to getting your participation. 

We have designed the easiest to use process (we have been told) that there is.  You can upload a folder of images with a single click of the mouse and then just fill out a form with the information about your pieces.  It doesn't get any easier.                 [TOP]

What is the process of getting started? Call or email us your intent to join (or get further information).  Provide us with a credit card number (to help keep our costs down, credit card billing is the only option).   We will set you up with a login ID and password and send you a getting started manual.  Alternatively, tell us who to call and we can talk them through the process of uploading images.                   [TOP]