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Ken Bredemeier Shepard Swift
Who we are:  DesignerDiggs.com evolved from the combined efforts of Ken Bredemeier and Shepard Swift, both of whom have been supporting antiques dealers in the online and print industries (respectively) for over a decade.  We have photographed thousands of antiques and art objects as well as showrooms of hundreds of dealers across the country.  We have also  helped dealers derive increased exposure through the web, print media, direct mail  and even video.  (Samples of work are shown below).
  On the online side of things, our start was in creating localized websites.  These sites allowed our visitors to preview the showrooms of dealers in our member cities so that when they traveled to those cities they could plan their store visits according to which dealer was most like to carry the style and quality of merchandise they were interested in.

In addition, we have created many individual websites for dealers and art galleries. 

Video: Wirthmore Antiques

 Video: Kings and Queens
Featuring John Doughty

A recent addition to our services includes dealer videos featuring their showrooms 




Informational or educational videos can also be produced on request.  (Kings and Queens was created for retired dealer John Doughty, shown left)


Malcolm Franklin Antiques 


Page from multi-dealer catalog mailed to thousands from dealer's merged list

Taylor's Guide to Antique Shops

Print ad Magazine Antiques
On the print side of the equation, we have created antique directories such as Taylor's Guide to Antique Dealers in the Mid West and West Coast, multi-dealer catalogs, co-op advertising in print publications and dealer brochures.  Samples follow:

Malcolm Franklin Antiques: quarterly brochure (photography, graphics design, printing)

Page from Multi-dealer catalog direct mailed to participating dealers' merged mailing lists (photography, graphics design, printing and mailing list management)

Taylor's Guide to Antiques Shop: Mid-west and West Coast (annual)

Multi-dealer cooperative marketing ad in Magazine Antiques.  Each piece in print ad corresponds with dealer name on right.  Ad leads readers to website with this exact graphic and clicking on a piece links to that dealer's site.


Fewer people entering shops


With the introduction of the Internet, the way the antique buying public shops for antiques and art objects has evolved.  With that said however, there remains many people who enjoy visiting the brick and mortar establishments and as a result we continue to maintain our localized sites - featuring showroom views.  



The reality of today is that the Internet is being used to source individual pieces because it is far more efficient.  We have seen that people, as they build confidence and form bonds with dealers, are more willing to make purchase decisions without visiting stores.  This is a major change and dealers that don't incorporate online strategies will be, if they are not already, in trouble.   



Some things however, never change:  For example, our business philosophy continues to be that we offer a low-cost high-quality solution to our dealer base which translates to more choices for our site visitors - a philosophy whose time has come. 

OUR NEW SITE:  DesignerDiggs.com

The "old us" has addressed this new paradigm shift with the "new us" - www.DesignerDiggs.com.

DesignerDiggs.com recognizes that much of today's market is driven by the design community.  Interior designers, architects and sophisticated consumers need a place to go to find not just furnishings and decorative accessories but also inspiration and ideas.  Whether you are looking for an exceptional antique or art object to build a room around or pieces to fit into an existing interior, DesignerDiggs offers choices across a range of quality levels and price point.  

DesignerDiggs.com also offers two unique features, not found in our competitors sites.

DesignerDiggs.com has implemented a unique approach to addressing the fact that high-end dealers carry a few low-end pieces and conversely, low-end dealers sometimes have higher-end pieces.  Designers too have a need for both high and lower-end pieces. 

At DesignerDiggs.com you can select which ever quality level you are looking for depending on the project at hand by clicking on the appropriate radio button (gold, silver or bronze) and filter on the quality level desired.

Color Pallet:  How will that piece you or your client is thinking about look against a wall of a certain color.  You can use our color pallet to experiment and take out much of the guess work.

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